MIFGS 2013

Haute Culture – Feature Display Gold Medal



haute (oht) adjective – high-class; fancy
cul-ture (huhl-cher) noun – the artistic and social pursuits of a society
hor-it-cul-ture (hawr-ti-kuhl-cher) noun – the science and art of cultivating plants

We live in a busy world. There’s so much on offer, so many choices, and so little time to do it all. But whether it’s obvious or not, the one thing that connects most of our cultural pursuits is horticulture.

In its many different forms, horticulture has a massive impact on almost everything we do. It has inspired artists, had movies and songs made about it, given us places for recreation, and provided the very thing that sustains us. It stimulates all of our senses.

Our connection to plants and the living world improves our mental and physical health and happiness. So while you are enjoying your various cultural pursuits, take a moment to appreciate the horticulture that helped make it happen.

Another Feature Display Gold Medal winning garden brought to you again with Yates and The Tree and Shrub Growers of Victoria – Haute Culture, an eclectic mix of Melbourne culture and its links to horticulture.

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