MIFGS 2012

Home.Life – Best in Show



Our home is our sanctuary, a place where families enjoy life. It’s also a place where plant life has a significant positive impact on our health and well-being.

Plant life is the lungs of our cities – plants absorb pollution, store carbon and generate oxygen. We simply can’t live without them. Our lives benefit from every plant in our home garden – from the largest shade tree to the smallest veggie patch &ndash they all count. And the more we have in our gardens the better. Not only do gardens help local and global environments, they help cool our own home, in turn saving energy consumption and money.

Plant life also has an impact on our mental and physical well-being. In fact our quality of life has a direct correlation with the amount of plant life we encounter each day. Literally, the more plants in your home garden, the better you feel.

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