City Courtyard

Created August 2010


Taking the outside in and the inside out was the easy part for this new outdoor room, which measures a mere 6mx5m, a total surface area of 30m2.

It involved select planting to remove the view of the neighbour’s recently renovated 5m+ high studio at the rear of their property and raised planters around the boundary to create additional seating.

Eighteen months on and the screening plants have achieved the task of rendering the neighbour’s studio out of sight, and the bonus is, it’s created a living wall of green. Low voltage garden lighting on the face of the planter boxes as well as uplighting to the Ornamental Pears adds to the ambiance and a sliding rear door to the rear garage has maximised space.

This inner-city garden is featured in Backyard & Garden Design Ideas magazine. Download the full article here.

  • Bambusa textilis ‘Gracilis’
  • Pyrus calleryana ‘Capital’
  • 600 x 300mm sandblased granite paving
  • Sandblasted granite bullnose capping
  • Stainless steel surface mounted lighting

Don’t despair if your neighbour’s decide to renovate or extend. With a little bit of planning you can create your own intimate outdoor green living room.

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